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Battle of the Sexes and Contraceptives

People are warning women who take the contraceptive pill that they are more at risk of getting depression, by citing a recent study from the University of Copenhagen *. Based on a thirteen year prescription history of one million Danish... Continue Reading →


A new study confirms that scientists still don’t know what to make of female orgasms like wtf is happening with these crazy chicks and their nerve endings??

I’m so susceptible to clit-bate; any new article or opinion piece that claims to have ‘solved the mystery of the female orgasm’ *. It’s 2016, the stock photo from ‘When Harry met Sally’ is still the only image the media... Continue Reading →

Oppressive Anti-Abortion Policy Makes Me Gag

    Women’s safety has always sat on a political sea saw. We can feel the anxious internal turbulence, as if we were being physically rocked. But this is no maternal embrace- a social ill more impactful than monthly period... Continue Reading →

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